The Palatine Chapel

The beating heart of the palace is the Palatine Chapel of Saint Anne richly decorated with stucco

(fine plaster and other compounds) work by Giuseppe and Giacomo Serpotta on a pure gold background. This decoration, commissioned in 1684 by Francesco Rodrigo Ventimiglia to the stucco masters, presents a riot of cherubs frolicking, fluttering draperies and many imaginary phytomorphic and zoomorphic creatures, specimens of a bizarre and mysterious nature. The reliquary with the skull of Saint Anne is kept behind the grate and only on public view during the three days of the festivities dedicated to her, which begin on July 25th ( with the opening of the gate) and ends with the solemn procession of July 27th, and the blessings imparted to the village from the balcony of the south-west tower of the castle, home of the Saint’s relic.