The Sections of the Museum

The Civic Museum of Castelbuono is the municipal institution involved into the conservation and enhancement of the historical and artistic heritage of the territory and which today is configured as a center of experimentation and artistic promotion.

Its headquarters, the Castello dei Ventimiglia, is a symbol of the history and identity of the Castelbuono’s community that bought it, thanks to a popular crowfounding, at a public auction, in 1920 for 20 thousand lire. Used as Centuries-old home of one of the most powerful families of medieval and Renaissance Sicily, the Ventimiglias, the castle was the propelling center of a rich clientele and a strong presence that made Castelbuono the capital of the county, of the marquisate and then of the principality of Ventimiglia.


The history of this family, and of the castle in which his court has resided for centuries, is closely linked to the cult of the patron saint of Castelbuono, Sant'Anna, whose Sacred Relic, the Skull of Sant'Anna, has been kept inside for more than five hundred years. A story rich in art, faith, devotion, innovation, expressed inside the castle through the rich permanent collections of the Civic Museum, exhibited in the Archaeological, Urban, Sacred Art and in the Pinacoteca of modern and contemporary art, a ever-growing core fueled by the contemporary and experimental spirit of the museum that offers a dense schedule of temporary exhibitions and cultural activities. 


Museum sections:

SACRED ART that collects the Treasure of Sant'Anna, or rather those objects of faith and devotion connected to the centuries-old cult for the patron saint of Castelbuono: liturgical furnishings, sacred vestments, silver, coral, precious stones, golden threads, sheet music, ex-votos, like the many jewels donated by women and which dress the Saint every year on July, the 27th, during the religious festival of Saint Anne.


ARCHAEOLOGICAL, where the history of the Castle is told through the finds discovered during the excavation campaigns.


URBAN PLANNING, a real journey through the urban conformation of the city of Castelbuono, from its origins to the present day.


CONTEMPORARY, permanent and constantly evolving collection of modern and contemporary art, with works, among others, by Bazan, De Grandi, Benny Chirco, Cagli, Carmassi, Schifano, Ortega, Caruso.


In addition to these, the San Giorgio rooms and the former Scuderie dedicated to temporary exhibitions, the Sala del Principe for conferences and concerts.