Organization chart

The Civic Museum of Castelbuono is a municipal institution of the Municipality of Castelbuono (PA), right resolution of the City Council, with statute approved by C.C. 11 of 7/03/2002.


BOARD OF DIRECTORS (Determines Statutory Auditors No. 30 of 07/07/2017)



Prof. Maria Enza Puccia



Prof.ssa Arcangela Vignieri (vice president)

Prof. Angela Cicero

Dr. Vincenzo Cucco

Arch. Michele Puccia 



Dr. Laura Barreca


Administrative office

Giovanna Geraci

Antoine Giardina


Ticket office and surveillance

Santina Madonia

Maria Concetta Naselli

Maria Di Garbo


Proloco Castelbuono

Alberto Abbate

Angela Alaimo

Alessandra Amato

Angelo Cucco

Caterina Mogavero

Marianna Mercanti

Concetta Prestianni