The history of Castelbuono coincided for centuries with the history of the Ventimiglia’s , a powerful family of Ligurian origin who moved to Sicily, where they reached a prominent position. The Ventimiglia's were sophisticated patrons of the arts, responsible for the building of monuments in all of the Madonie area. Castelbuono , in particular, owes its beauty to the foresight of these noblemen obtaining the recognition, in 1632, thanks to Prince Giovanni III Ventimiglia, of the title of City. The court drew artists and intellectuals from all over Europe and Castelbuono, capital of the principality, lived centuries of splendour. The history of this relationship between the Ventimiglia family and the development of the town is illustrated in the Urban section of the Museum: a journey that takes the visitor through the centuries to discover the churches, fountains, monuments and architectures of Castelbuono.