The last heir of this branch of the Ventimiglia family, Baron Fraccia, gave the skull of Saint Anne to the city of Castelbuono in 1913 together with the sacred vestments of the Palatine Chapel. The castle uninhabited and damaged by the earthquakes of 1818-1819 that caused the collapse of the third floor, was auctioned and purchased in 1920 by the city of Castelbuono thank to crowfunding. Used as a shelter for the evacuees during the Second World War, then as a local archive, a school and even for storing cheese, until 1965, when the castle was identified as the ideal location to host the city Museum. The subsequence restoration enabled, finally, its full fruition. In 1997, a substancial body of paintings donated by Dr. Luigi Di Piazza formed the nucleus of the modern and contemporary art section, in addition to the existing permanent collection. This is a growing nucleus thanks to the continuous acquisition of the artistic productions linked to the temporary exhibitions programme.